Therians in the Vampire Community-Alex Truss

Alex Truss

A friend of mine asked me to make a rant, and, since it s been a very slow news week, I thought, sure, why not?


Seems that my friend – a feline therian – and a few others have been having some issues with certain vamp boards and groups.  Myself, I rarely bother with the therian boards, despite being raccoon therian (or because of it?) but it seems that in a number of popular vamp sites, therians are looked onto almost as bad as sangs look on psis (and vice versa). From what I have gathered, these certain boards have made the impression quite clear that therians are looked on as lower than mundanes, let alone donors, as less than equals. Why is this?


Well, to examine this, one first needs to understand what a therian is. The short, layman’s answer is that a therian is someone who believes their spirit/soul is, in part or whole, that of a real world existing animal.  That is to say, I feel that my spirit is in large extent a raccoon, in a human body.  This is not to be confused with a totem, which is an animal spirit guide many nature based cultures and paths believe in. Past that, A therian is someone who tends to behave or otherwise act like the animal they view themselves to be. Therianthropy does not include mythical creatures, such as faeries or dragons or such (they get their own classification), and further,  to date, I have yet to see ANYONE demonstrate to me that an “Underworld like” physical transformation is possible (but I will admit I would love to see that happen – in the same way I would love to see faeries and such).  Admittedly, there is nothing to base this on aside of faith in what one perceives to ones self, with absolutely NO way to prove therianthropy whatsoever – but given that the vast majority of therians easily integrate and mingle with society and aren’t out trying to control or destroy the planet because some god said so, I’ll happily take a therian over a religious nutter any day.  Past that, Therians do not ‘require’ any form of ritual or bloodletting or such, even though many find being in nature preferable to being in an artificial environment.


With this simple definition in mind, why would it be then that therians might have issues with vampiric groups, boards and so on? Well, setting aside the very obvious point that many vamp based boards are  just plain retarded, it would seem to me to boil down to this – vampires tend to have a VERY elitist attitude, viewing themselves as the top of the food chain, above humanity and in particular animals, so to them, seeing someone that would believe themselves to be an animal in human form might seem to be lower on the chain, I would suppose.  This is a tricky subject for me to try to explain, as for one, both vampirism and therianthropy are aspects of my spirit, and for two, i see no reason to hold such an elitist attitude, makes one look like a damned lyfer RPer, in my view.  Therians, in my view, tend to be more realistic, down to earth, and to terms with who they are, what they are, and how to deal with the world around them. Vamps, on the other hand, I have observed to have something of a more lofty – if not outright tenuous – view and grasp of reality.  This is not always the case, of course, but it IS something I see far more often than not.  Therians do tend to be more willing to stick up for others that they don’t know, whereas vamps tend to be more solo, not helping those that are strangers to them.


But, I am going to open this up for discussion, specifically – how do vamps view therians and why, and as well, do vamps feel that therians should be a part of the vamp community as a whole.

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