Update-April 4th, 2018

Astral Dynamics-By Robert Bruce in Free Books

Crystalpedia-In other sites

Middle Pillar Ritual-Theistic Satanic Version in other sites

Middle Pillar Ritual-YHWH Version in other sites

V.K. Jehannum WordPress in other sites

LBRP-Theistic Satanic Version in other sites

Black Magic-Michael Aquino in free books

Naos: A practical guide to modern magick by Order of the Nine Angles in free books

Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism-By Joseph Laycock in buy books


October 25th 2017

The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual:A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick-added
Only chapters 1-3 thus far.

Dark Books-Site with various books on various religions and magickal practices-added

Mystical Dragon Magick-Book for purchase-not free-added

How to conduct a tarot reading: 7 easy steps wikihow-added.

Read Tarot with a simple deck of playing cards-added.

The Librarian Returns

Out of boredom, and quite a fair amount of free time of late. I’ve decided to go through managing the library once again. I do have some things I will be adding, but they are more “other” category-based. Some of the things I have found along my time away I simply absorbed the information and forgot about it as I did not think I would come back here. I will be quite leisurely here. My interests in the VC are quite minimal…I’ve been learning more from another group than I have from VC.

2017: New Year, New Links!

Several new links added, especially in the Houses/Groups section!

We are still offering FREE advertising for any site wishing to get more exposure.

Why is it a good idea to advertise here?

    • The Vampire Learning Centre is an inclusive archive of many “in-community” and “related content” external links.
    • Placing many external links on a website boosts that website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power because it rides on the coat tails of each link’s popularity.
    • This means that VLC gets more web traffic by having so many links. This is GREAT for anyone coming to VLC looking for information, as well as website owners who get more traffic indirectly from VLC.
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Update-August 16th 2016

Psi-sites-Awakening Vampire has been marked as inactive. Some information is still available.

Psi and Sang site added-By Light Unseen

Psi site added-Beyond Chaos Magick

Psi site added-Elemental Energy and Energy Work

Psi site added-The Amador Vampyre

Sang site added-Cardiovascular System

Otherkin site added-An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer

Other site added- How Vampires Work

Other site added-Vampires-Sacred Serpent

New menu!

Please help this new menu grow! Please keep in mind that this section needs to either be appropriate for fb. Meaning if there are in-depth sexual matters that I would prefer sites that have some sort of block or membership for that information. Thank you!