Update May 16th 2018

Universal Tao Healing Art-Under other resources (Seems far-fetched but I’m not going to remove from library if people believe in it )

Temple of the black light pdf-other groups. Some info on black light-not their official page.

Star of Azazel-under other groups

Dragon rouge- other groups



Update-April 4th, 2018

Astral Dynamics-By Robert Bruce in Free Books

Crystalpedia-In other sites

Middle Pillar Ritual-Theistic Satanic Version in other sites

Middle Pillar Ritual-YHWH Version in other sites

V.K. Jehannum WordPress in other sites

LBRP-Theistic Satanic Version in other sites

Black Magic-Michael Aquino in free books

Naos: A practical guide to modern magick by Order of the Nine Angles in free books

Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism-By Joseph Laycock in buy books


October 25th 2017

The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual:A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick-added
Only chapters 1-3 thus far.

Dark Books-Site with various books on various religions and magickal practices-added

Mystical Dragon Magick-Book for purchase-not free-added

How to conduct a tarot reading: 7 easy steps wikihow-added.

Read Tarot with a simple deck of playing cards-added.

The Librarian Returns

Out of boredom, and quite a fair amount of free time of late. I’ve decided to go through managing the library once again. I do have some things I will be adding, but they are more “other” category-based. Some of the things I have found along my time away I simply absorbed the information and forgot about it as I did not think I would come back here. I will be quite leisurely here. My interests in the VC are quite minimal…I’ve been learning more from another group than I have from VC.

Update-August 16th 2016

Psi-sites-Awakening Vampire has been marked as inactive. Some information is still available.

Psi and Sang site added-By Light Unseen

Psi site added-Beyond Chaos Magick

Psi site added-Elemental Energy and Energy Work

Psi site added-The Amador Vampyre

Sang site added-Cardiovascular System

Otherkin site added-An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer

Other site added- How Vampires Work

Other site added-Vampires-Sacred Serpent

New menu!

Please help this new menu grow! Please keep in mind that this section needs to either be appropriate for fb. Meaning if there are in-depth sexual matters that I would prefer sites that have some sort of block or membership for that information. Thank you!