Update January 18th, 2019

For a first disclaimer, if I am not aware of books or sites of a certain path I may not include that submenu until a later date. Some of these books that I have allotted into specific locations are placed there from my base knowledge of the book/site or assumptions thereof. Some will be placed according to my knowledge. If you feel one is out of place let me know. I will not move the ones I have read on, however.

Secondly, my life is going to be even more busy from here out. I will do my best to at least update this site every now and then. This is going to be a large update as it is a reorganization of the material. I felt that the other resources were too scattered and becoming more frequent with my interest in various occult topics and books. If you have more knowledge of vampire resources beyond the ones I know of please let me know. Thus far, upon revisiting the vampire community it would seem that my current resources or knowledge is still in line with what is present.

Thank you everyone.

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