October 25th 2017

The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual:A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick-added
Only chapters 1-3 thus far.

Dark Books-Site with various books on various religions and magickal practices-added

Mystical Dragon Magick-Book for purchase-not free-added

How to conduct a tarot reading: 7 easy steps wikihow-added.

Read Tarot with a simple deck of playing cards-added.

The Librarian Returns

Out of boredom, and quite a fair amount of free time of late. I’ve decided to go through managing the library once again. I do have some things I will be adding, but they are more “other” category-based. Some of the things I have found along my time away I simply absorbed the information and forgot about it as I did not think I would come back here. I will be quite leisurely here. My interests in the VC are quite minimal…I’ve been learning more from another group than I have from VC.