2017: New Year, New Links!

Several new links added, especially in the Houses/Groups section!

We are still offering FREE advertising for any site wishing to get more exposure.

Why is it a good idea to advertise here?

    • The Vampire Learning Centre is an inclusive archive of many “in-community” and “related content” external links.
    • Placing many external links on a website boosts that website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power because it rides on the coat tails of each link’s popularity.
    • This means that VLC gets more web traffic by having so many links. This is GREAT for anyone coming to VLC looking for information, as well as website owners who get more traffic indirectly from VLC.
    • Any website who wants to advertise will need to create an image that represents their site, particularly one with text that displays the site’s name, and crop/resize that image down to a dimension of 250px by 250px.
    • Your advertisement will show up on the right-hand side of VLC, on every single page of the site. No matter where a reader is, your site’s Ad will show up! On any mobile oriented page, the Ad will show up at the bottom.
    • Please e-mail your Ad in either a .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG/JPEG format (animated images welcome) to the active admin at this address: henn.v.kin@gmail.com with the subject line in the range of: I want my Ad on VLC!