5 thoughts on “Otherkin Free Books A-Z

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for information on otherkins and found this page. The title states “free books”, but the articles on T&F Online are sadly not free at all… or did I overlook something? I’m quite interested in getting to read them, so if you know of a way which does not involve paying 40$+ for 24-hour access…


    • Hello Luyel,

      Our apologies if some of these links aren’t free. It appears that the abstracts are and not the whole articles. I’ll be looking into this to see a PDF file exists. We’re still a bit shorthanded here, so updating this all may be a challenge.


      • Hello Kinesia,

        I’m sorry I’m replying so late; the notification mail somehow went by unnoticed. Thank you a lot for this link (though I must add for anyone needing the information, SciHub works better in .la these days :)). I hope to complete a PhD in social anthropology inquiring into xenogender identities, and I’m currently trying to situate them in regard to otherkin, so although it is not my main research interest, I’m looking for resources on the subject; that’s how I found a trove of free articles on ResearchGate and Academia lately (with the keyword “otherkin”), and also a book that you probably already know of though it doesn’t seem to be listed on the site: Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism by Joseph Laycock. It is an ethnographical account of modern vampires. I’m mentioning these in case you or anyone else reading this were looking for yet more resources. 🙂


      • Hey, this isn’t Kinesia, but the owner/creator. I don’t know how often Kinesia comes to check stuff here or if anymore. I’m likely not as versed as her in this topic, but you can always hit her up on facebook. Thank you very much for the suggestion for the book. I’ll be sure to list it though I cannot find a pdf form of it, unfortunately. Good luck with your research! 🙂


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