The Three Main Categories of Vampirism-Sorin Elderwolf Apostolos

The Three Main Categories of Vampirism December 2, 2010 

By Sorin Elderwolf Apostolos

There are three main types of Vampirism that I know and will detail in this article as mentioned in the Vampire Community. Firstly, this is my own categorization, not an official set of guidelines and therefore are subject to my own opinions and views, gathered from common references throughout the Community….

The first two I refer to as HLVs, Human Living Vampires. We have the same physiology as other humans, with the exception that we have an extra need for energy, for some reason or another; either our bodies don’t produce enough energy to sustain us, or we have a “leak” in our auras, or one of the many other theories out there. Either way, we have to take in energy in one of two main forms, through blood or through energy. These two main forms are called Sanguine and Psychic Vampirism, blood-drinkers and energy feeders.

Sanguine Vampirism is the easiest yet most difficult form of vampirism to describe. Sanguines require a bit more than an energy feed, they need the deep, consentrated life essence that exists within the blood of others, because as we all know or at least some believe, blood holds life and therefore contains a very consentrated life essence. Also, some of us require certain nutrients or something extra from the blood that satisfies something inside us that is feral and animalistic in nature. ((This life-essence is often refered to as energy, chi, ki, prana, chakra, etc.)) Whatever you choose to call it, it is usually what we HLVs require beyond food and water to sustain us. But, as stated, there are those who cannot get what their bodies require, whether this be a spiritual or physical need, from energy feeding alone and thus require something from blood to sustain their bodies and their lifeforces, and there are even those that refer to their blood feeding as being a purely physical need alone, no energy necessary, saying that it is a separate need from their energy needs.

Psychic Vampirism is the second vampiric feeding method. This form of vampirism dips into metaphysics, which is the scientific study of energy. In this form, psychic vampires retrieve energy from others through energy manipulation or “psychic” ability. This could happen through touch, or at a distance, yet it is all done through psychic means. Now,Psychic Vamipres, or Psi-vamps for short, can feed from numerous sources of energy, not only human life-force. That is where we get our sub-categories of psychic vampirism: pranic, empathic, elemental, and tantric/sexual, which will each be described below:

Pranic Vampires are those that feed from life-force, whether it be of humans or animals, the defining factor is that these beings are living sentient beings with a higher frequency of energy due to their higher patterns of existence. Often symptoms of need are having a thirst that can’t be quenched by drink and a hunger that food does not satisfy with food alone, irregularity to sleeping patterns, a sudden sensitivity to bright lights or sunlight, and many others as yet to be mentioned. If they do not feed consciously, more often than not the subconscious mind will force the body to feed, often leaving others around the vampire drained and feeling weak. Most often this is misconstrued as a form of attack and can put the vampire in a morally questionable situation with others.

Empathic Vampires require emotional enegy, energy that is put off by specific emotions from one or more humans or creatures of sentience. These vampires often tend to like to be the center of attention, and often will inspire these emotions they need in other people in order to feed. Some examples are performers, lecturers, teachers, protesters, they could even be the guy who starts a fight in a bar just for the “thrill” of it, or any number of like people. Yet as with all vampires, the defining factor is the NEED for this energy.

Elemental Vampires feed from the energy provided by nature and the elements. Storms, tornadoes, rivers, streams, the earth herself, a plant or tree; these are all forms by which natural and elemental energy can be found, as well as many more not listed. Many psi’s, whether elemental or not, often report being able to feed from violent storms, often feeling “energized” after or during a storm, yet some also seem to feel more tired during and after a storm, as if the storm is overwhelming their own energy and weakening them (I am one of these last vampires, I am always weaker during a storm). Elemental Energy seems to have a more stable feel to it, as if harmony seeps in with the energy, even if you take in something as destructive and chaotic as fire elements.

Tantric, or Sexual Vampirism, is the last one I mentioned [nicknames for this are incubus (male) and succubus (female), no actual relation of course to the demons those names refer to]. These are vampires who feed specifically from sexual energy produced by a partner or partners during sexual stimulation. Sexual vampires are some of the most secular vampires emotionally, because they are often the most misunderstood of the four categories. Often they project sexual attraction, feeding it into another person in order to attract these people to the vampire, opening opportunities for feeding, and more often than most realize this happens on a subconscious level. When people meet a sexual vampire they often have a feeling of “connection” with this person, an almost instantaneous attraction and feeling of trust are experienced. This is a sexual vampire’s way of getting past people’s natural inhibitions so that they can have an easily accessible feeding source later on if they need it. This doesn’t make them bad, most of us don’t abuse this ability as we are forever seeking trust and wouldn’t wish to have distrust brought upon us, yet more often than not this leads to hurt feelings and distrust due to our subconscious use of these capabilities. It is never meant to be used as a way to manipulate others or control them, simply a way for our kind to reach out to others without that natural hesitancy being present. You’ll often see a sexual vampire who takes multiple partners, never quite settling down for one specific partner, due to their need for sexual energy and the high demand for that energy often weakens others. You’ll notice that any sexual vampire who is in a relationship either chooses a very sexually active partner, a bisexual partner who likes taking on other partners, or they are promiscuous even during the relationship without their mate’s consent.

Let me add a special note as to why these sub-categories are separate. You see, we separate these forms by vampiric need, as some people need more salt in their physical diet or some people need more dairy to remain healthy, some psychic vampires require certain frequencies of energy to sustain their own lifeforces best and most efficiently, therefore we often take on characteristics and develop skills that allow us to maintain this feeding cycle with our desired sources, ie, a sexual vampire learns well how to stimulate another sexually.

Immortal Vampirism is the third listed form and the most disbelieved and inquired about. These are the Vamipres of legend, who can fly, are super-strong, super-senses, whom live for a long time, if not forever. These are the vampires most often pictured in films and television shows and romantasized in books and other forms of media. They require blood to sustain their immortal lives, like sanguine vamipres, yet something within their genetic structure makes them age extremely slow or not at all, giving the appearance of immortality. They are rumored to be the undead, rabid evil beings who stalk the night and murder without conscience while they feed, at least in many cultures. Immortal vampires appear in some form or another in most cultures the world over and are in many legends if you care to look. I personally cannot verify the existence of such beings, but I do not doubt their existence altogether.


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