Names and Sigils of Lilith

Names of Lilith

Meyalleleth: Howling One

Kiskil-Lilla: Dark Maiden

Kedesha Savta: Elder Harlot. Lilith as the Goddess of Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Magick, as well as of non-traditional sexual orientation (not that She prioritizes one over the other)

Taninsam: Poisonous Dragon. Lilith as the Primeval Serpent of the Abyss. Lilith’s Chaotic and Draconic Aspect; associated with the element of Water.

Chaosifer: Chaos-Bearer. As above. She shares this name with Satan.

Drakon Abussos: Abyssal Dragon. As Above. She shares this name with Satan.

Archaios Ophis: Ancient Serpent. As Above. She shares this name with Satan.

Ama Nachash; Ama Nahash; Ama Necesh: Mother Serpent. Lilith’s Promethean Aspect as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Associated with the element of air.

Necesh Belial: Wicked Serpent. As above.

Nacash Savta: Elder Serpent. As Above.

Layilil is Lilith’s most destructive aspect

Aimia Azerate: Mother of the Azerate

Arachnadia Lilith; Akkawbishia Lilith: Lilith as the Spidergoddess of Sitra Ahra

Aima Sitra Ahra: Mother of the Other Side; Lilith as Empress of Sitra Ahra and Psychopomp

Ama Gamaliel: Lilith as the Mother and Ruler of Gamaliel

Ama Lilith: Dark Mother Lilith

Aima Lilith: Maternal Goddess Lilith. Lilith’s nurturing/healing aspect.

Lilitu: Lilith’s kinder Aspect as nurturer, healer, and guardian.

Aima Lilitu: Lilith’s kindest Aspect.

Abnukta: She of the Night. She shares this name with Hekate.

Layil: Night

Sigils of Lilith

lil 1

Above: Sigil of Lilith

lil 2


Above: Sigil of Lilith

lil 3

Above: Sigil of Lilith


Above: Sigil and Key of Lilith


Above: Sigil of Layilil


Above: Sigil of Arachnadia Lilith


Above: Sigil of the Chaosifers (both Leviathan and Taninsam)




The Book of Sitra Ahra

Temple of the Black Light

The Manuscript of the Shapeless One

Liber Azerate



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