Concerning Mormo-by V.Kayta UridimmusJehannum


by V. Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum

Alternate names: Murmux, Murmuur, Murmus, Murmur

There are two different Greek spellings of His name, and their numerical values are 1,050& 1,100. The Hebrew spelling of His name has a numerical value of 30.

Mormo is considered the Father and King of Ghouls. The name Mormo means “Terrible One”and the name Murmur means “whisper” and “the sound of a trumpet.” Mormo is a bloodthirsty Servant of Hekate who roams the night in search of unwary travelers to devour. He holds dominion over the dead, cemeteries, graves, corpses, music, and philosophy.

Mormo was born a human descendant of Hekate and he ascended to become a powerful Spirit upon death.While He is not a god, some revere Him as such. He appears adorned in the crown of a duke, and He has been seen riding either a vulture or a griffon. Notice that vultures are renowned for predatorial behavior and the eating of corpses.Griffons were amongst the animals which the Christian bible’s old testament forbade Hebrews to eat.

Mormo holds dominion over the race of Mormolukeiai, which we know as ghouls. The Mormolukeiai/Mormolyceia(Singular: Mormolukeion) are ghostly necrophages who were once mortals and became Vampyric spirits upon death. They love blood and prey on the weak. The Mormolukeiai and Mormo both act on behalf of the Goddess Hekate. Another name for Hekate is Chrusoandeimopotichthonia, meaning “She Who wears golden sandals and drinks of blood in underworld.” Hekate is also called Leiana,”Lioness,” and griffons are part lion.

When Mormo was adapted into Christian theology and demonology, He became an ex-Angel who had fallen from His bipartisan station amongst the order of thrones and the order of angels to become a great Duke and Earl of Hell. In medieval folklore, He became a She who preyed upon children, specifically those who were disobedient.

It is interesting thatChristian children were warned that Mormo wanted to eat them and kill them. Yahweh extends a little protection over any fucktard who serves him devoutly, and this protection will fade if the Christian looses devotion. This feminine, serpentine, haglike aspect of Mormo devoured Christians alive when they made themselves vulnerable. A few of them were raised up as mormolyceia.

Mormo visits the Qlippoth from time to time, occasionally bringing the souls of dead infants to Gamaliel. He is a Friend to Satan and the Demonic.

Mormo should be summoned for the following purposes

-Assisting in necromancy

-Teaching philosophy

-Aiding in songwriting

-Strengthening one’s abilities as a Psychic Vampyre


Mormo is an Introvert with poor social skills. I love Him, but He is undeniably old and mean. He doesn’t play well with others and He often comes across as disagreeable/assholish, although He is still helpful whensummoned. Call upon Him in Darkness with the phrase “Vefa mena Murmur ayer.”



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  1. This is an article which I am definitely more proud of 🙂 You might wanna edit it and put some spaces between the words though. This article clearly did not transfer from Facebook to WordPress very well (this is a common problem I have transferring articles from Facebook to Microsoft Word).


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