A Sang’s Point Of View, Or a Dissection of Psionics- RK Coon

 By RK Coon – January 1, 2011

(This was in response to a video that Deacon Gray did with Madame X on YouTube for The Collective)

OK, enough of this people gushing over this nonsense; Dose Of Reality Time (TM). First off, Master of WHAT, praytell? Did I miss that part being specified somewhere? I damned near turned it off the second I heard that line of crap, but I endured through the whole thing.

Secondly, Didn’t I go off the handle last week regarding the whole line of nonsense of splitting up psi into all these cute little subgroups that do no more than give a minuscule ego-trip? That’s all it is, really, to sit there and say, “oh, I feed off sex” — NO, actually, the average, normal human body just happens to really LIKE sex, and it produces and releases various chemicals, proteins, hormones and so forth which actually have been proven to improve a person’s bodily health. THAT’S IT, it’s not, your feeding off it, its, you are ENJOYING SEX. Big whoop, humanity has been doing that since it crawled out of the primordial ooze.

Third up, that comment saying ‘oh i left the community but was brought back to it by a woman’, was it me, or did deacon avoid mentioning who it was that drew him back? I would actually be curious to hear who that was.

Fourth, I asked a certain succubus friend of mine to watch the vid and to offer her thoughts, which, among other things, she commented, “One is a type of demon…the other is not. One has power behind them, the other is lacking and uses sex to feed”, which, in all honesty, I WOULD tend to agree with, with the exception of what I stated above. (She also mentioned her revulsion as to another aspect of that vid, but I won’t quite go there.)

Good fucking gods, I can’t wait to see what’ll happen when a sang some place finally says fuckitall and does one of these interviews.


Well, this, among other things, has drawn attention to a sorely needed rebuttal courtesy of a sang.  As most are now aware, there’s been a real plethora of posts, stories, articles and so on, released by people like sappho wolf among others, which have been very heavily pro psi, or more accurately, with the underlying preconceived notion that psis are real and sangs are either on training wheels or not real at all.

Sure. Tell the people that feel a physical need to consume blood that waving your hands in the air, or having sex, or sitting in the sun that you are a vampire, feeding.

Really, that goes over well.

Now, to have this discussion, one has to get a bit deeper first into what vampirism is in the real world.  The basic gist of it is that a person of human body feels a need to feed. From this base definition, it, vampirism, gets broken down into two main groups, those that believe they need to feed off blood (Human or otherwise) which are referred to as sanguine or sangs for short, and those that believe they need to feed of energy of some kind.

It’s this second group that becomes rather problematic, as those that lay claim to this have managed to divvy it up, more so than the judeoxtian faith and its many branches. (Keep that religious reference in mind, Ill tag back onto it later). Originally, the idea of psi, or psionic, feeding was the concept of absorbing energy through various means – which, amusingly enough was WITHOUT direct contact, though some would claim that sang feeding is a form of psi in this manner, i.e., absorbing energy from blood directly.  However, this has since been divided, into tantric, sexual, elemental, etc. etc. etc. — rather, people claiming to absorb energy throughout these various “means`. Well, as a sang, I think it’s time i go through each and every one of these titles, explain them, and demonstrate the flaws within each one.

(Ripped from http://www.psychicvampire.org/types.htm )

“Astral Vampire”

A psychic vampire that exists on the astral plane.  It can also be a skilled magician who’s physical body has died, but chooses to resist the second death or astral death, by way of becoming a psychic vampire… It is also a psychic vampire that has died in the physical plane but for some reason may not be able to incarnate.“

So the claim here is that there is a plain or realm beyond the physical, beyond what the human body ‘currently’ experiences.  Also interesting is the added note of someone who has physically died, but remains on this realm.  Let’s leave this one for a bit, keep it in mind alongside my previous mention of the religious aspect.

“Emotional Vampire”

It is important to note that there are three forms of emotional vampires;  The First one is the psychological term of an emotionally needy person. This person may not technically be a vampire just an ordinary mundane who might have had something traumatize them, and they crave constant attention or emotional energy from a person…Unfortunately for the vampire community,  psychologists coined the term “psychic vampire”, to represent these emotional vampires…They are often called emotional leeches.  Without help, these types of people are usually incapable of having a normal healthy relationship.. But with therapy, they usually get better.

The Second is a branch of the first but they are often Called Social Vampires-These are the “Drama Queens” , they feed on the drama in the community….and the attention they get… They are generally not looked kindly upon.

The Third is a Psychic vampire that feeds on emotion…Think of the latter as this, (speaking in metaphors now) Psychic vampires feed on Prana/energy , take a prism and split it (pranic energy) like you would sunlight, from there you get certain emotions like colors of the rainbow, happiness , sadness, fear, greed, ect… Some Emotional vampires only feed on certain emotions, just as others feed on anything they can find…”

What does this boil down to? Three separate ways to say the same thing, stated in the second paragraph – a drama queen. All this IS, plainly and simply, is someone who gets a rush from playing with emotions, of themselves or of others.   To dive further into this, what is an emotion? Medically, it’s a combination of chemicals produced and released in the brain in response to stimuli – voices, actions, environment and so on.  Sex produces certain emotions, the “fight or flight” instinct produces a similar in some but different in other form of chemicals, both boost the body’s overall energy, strength and endurance, both are holdovers from our evolutionary roots. Nowadays, humanity has developed much more intricate emotions that vary to fascinating degrees, but the base of which – the fact that different chemicals are used within the brain and body for stimulation in varying degrees – remains. It may not be a stretch to say these forms of people are simply addicted to what their bodies do when exposed to such emotions.  There is no ‘energy transfer or drain’ in an  active or passive sense; at absolute most, in something such as a therapy session for example, the body produces X chemicals (I am not a scientist or biologist so I can’t get into specifics, but I do have a basic understanding of it) to a certain amount that eventually, like any biological system, runs out. That’s it. There’s nothing mystical or fantastical about it, regardless of what people try to paint it as.

“Elemental Vampire”

Elemental Vampires feed off of Natural Phenomena i.e.: lightning storms, thunder storms, Hurricanes, Ocean tides, ley lines, waterfalls and Natural events . While some exclusively feed on elemental events and forces, some just use the elements to supplement their feeding until they can get a donor or person to feed from. ..Though typically the first seems to be more common. ”

Now, there is nothing mythological or fantastic about this either, in fact, humanity has known the power of its environment to sustain its body – or destroy it – since its dawn. The human body has been proven to absorb energy and vitamins from the sun, and there is certainly something to be said for the refreshing qualities and aspects of nature at its finest; however, while one would certainly feel invigorated from a rain storm or from walking through a spectacular to say one is feeding from it is quite frankly a stretch. Humanity NEEDS the world it is part of, and while we can make do without it for a time, it still is part of our roots.

“Pranic Vampire”

This is a more common and possibly more correct term for psychic vampire. Prana is  the Sanskrit word meaning “life energy”, Which does more accurately describe the energy that we feed on.   Pranic Vampires have a broken or in most cases removed Chakra, Generally the Navel, but in some cases the Heart Chakra. Often times this type of Psychic vampire has a completely reworked energy system. Pranic vampire is generally a catch all term and may encompass the other types or psychic vampires as well. ”

Now we get to the heart of the matter. While I will grant that religions of old – faiths that make Christianity and its relatives look like the bastard rip-offs they are – had their own sense of the soul and any possible energies around them, to say that one consumes such life force is a stretch at best, and nonsense at worst.  In today’s modern world, while there is room to grant the old medical fields some leeway, the idea of chi, chakra and such still amounts to faith and faith alone.  Keep that in mind as we go on.

“Sexual Vampire”

A sexual vampire is a person who feeds on sexual energy. they are sometimes called Tantric vampires, as they tap into the very essence of the universe.  With this type of feeding the other partner s  very  breath , sigh, moan, movement and caress is drawn upon for energy.  In eastern practices Tantra is a means by which one can achieve enlightenment, and connects with the universe.. love ect,  So it is no wonder why one would feed off of such energy.”

Now, Again, as I mentioned before, the human body LOVES sex. A LOT. THe chemicals, hormones and such that it produces for this act, necessary for the survival of the race, is as much if not more so than its other base instinct – fighting for survival. Does the human body burn through a LOT of energy in the act? Absolutely. Does the human body also feel better during and after the act? Again, absolutely. This is not feeding, this is simply being HUMAN.  It’s not hard to do sex well, and when it IS done well, the experience is fantastic, courtesy of biology, not of anything metaphysical.  (Keep in mind, I am not talking about anything along the lines of sexual demons ((succubae/incubi)) here, as those are even MORE nebulous to prove than vamps can be.)


This is another form of psychic vampire with the exception that these people survive on the draining of negative energy alone.  As an example, usually they will seek out and draw strength from sickness in any human they encounter.  In draining the negative energy a victim invariably feels better and is possibly even healthier.  The difference between the two forms is that Symbiotics drain negative energy with intent but at the same time do not usually wish to harm their victim.   There is a variation of Symbiotics that are astral vampires.

These Astral symbionts are sentient; But might of not always been. Some of these astral symbionts are indeed entities, But Once may have just been constructs, that were left untended and unchecked long enough to gain a form of sentience. Some even still, hold the belief that these astral vampires are “Undead Gods”.”

Let me ask a few questions as a response to this. If one is laying dying in bed, and their loved ones show up, boosting the ill persons spirits, does that make the loved ones ‘symbiotics’? NO.  Does one telling a sick person that they WILL get better, and that person consequently getting better, make them such? NO.  It is nothing more than reinforcing the ill persons will. The human mind is still an unknown, but  has shown the ability to pull off startling, impressive, and improbable stunts, ‘miraculous’ recoveries, survival in the worst possible conditions and so on.  This is much akin, in all reality, to those of the religious sects that would “thank god” for the work of doctors, nurses, aids and related professionals that put intensive work to keep someone alive – that is to say, putting thanks where it is NOT due. Beyond that, I already said we were leaving astral stuff alone for a bit yet.

“Sympathetic Psychic Vampires”

A sympathetic Psychic vampire is an individual who may have a broken chakra, or some wound to the Subtle body that can be healed. It is also the term we use when we feed on a person and they, take on vampiric tendencies for a short time in order to normalize their own personal energy. For the Most part these conditions are almost always temporary. But the person may become addicted to the “High” of feeding. ”

I have a simpler way to say this, though it was hinted on at the end of the paragraph – Someone who saw something they wanted to be, so they pretended to be such.

“Learned Psychic vampires”

The learned psychic vampire is a skilled magician or psion, that feeds on psychic energy and may also try and pass themselves off as a psychic vampire. Now the skilled magician often times practices this during their life so that they can get skilled enough at it, at the point of their own death so that they may choose to become an astral vampire and avoid the second death.

The Psion however is just an energy worker, Who may feed but doesnt technically need too….”

Again, this is nothing more than being addicted to an EXPERIENCE, not a deep need to consume food for the sustaining of a body.

Now, as you have noted by now, I have mostly avoided the astral bits, so let me sum all that up together here, and make a rather interesting comparison.  The idea of the “Astral Realm” (Not to be confused with “Astral Adventures”, an awesome album by Darkseed – look them up sometime), is, as I said before, the notion and concept that there exists a realm above and beyond (a title of another excellent musical group) the current human experience. Now, ANYONE can make conjecture into this, and ANYONE can be right – there is no current way to confirm or deny this scientifically.  However, herein lies the rather amusing rub – If one steps back and compares it to religion – Christianity and its blood relatives, for example –  They too believe in a realm beyond the current human experience, and they too believe that factors of that realm can effect THIS realm (god, the devil, spirits and so on), and currently, again, there’s no proof of this either way.  Billions upon billions die in the names of these faiths every day. The psis, for their part, wish to be recognized, and a great deal of them consider themselves “above” the sangs – in just the same way that those of religion consider themselves above those of differing religions, and those of NO religion at all.

With this in mind, to call psionics a religious faith is NOT a stretch whatsoever. In fact, it would be the most accurate – they take FAITH, regardless of the evidence or facts, in what they are.  Interesting, No?

For the sake of fairness, for all the harping I have done on psis, I will also state here what a sang vamp is —

Sanguine (sang) –

Someone who feels the need to consume blood (preferably human living blood) in order to maintain their body’s sense of wellness.  Pretty straightforward, until one factors in a few issues – With the exception of sexual vampirism, NONE of the above listed ‘forms of energy feeding’ pose ANY RISK WHATSOEVER to the person engaging in the activity (psis would dispute this, i tell them to prove it. They cant.)    In fact, the act of drinking blood is CONSIDERABLY more risky to both parties than even sex.  Most obvious is the risk of blood borne diseases, with the secondary risk of severe bodily harm if any screw-up is done in opening the body to bleed (knives, blades, needles or whatever). However, on top of these direct personal risks, there too lies the risk beyond that – of exposure to humanity. People currently take a VERY dim view indeed of the act, even if one attempts to pass it off as a blood fetish or BDSM activity.  There are those out there that have died from STDs contracted from feeding from contaminated blood, there are those that have literally lost their children because what they do in their personal lives WITH CONSENTING ADULTS is still considered such a risky, vile act that the general consensus in the public is that this is not to be allowed or accepted.  (For the record, ANYONE that would force another to feed them, or would take form a minor deserves to get the book thrown at them.)

So, Someone that feels they need to consume blood has to do so at CONSIDERABLE personal risk, to themselves, their family, and those they feed from. While these risks can be minimized by the smart sang, they are ALWAYS present, they cannot be eliminated.

Now, what would drive someone to take such a personal, deep risk?  There again is no solid proof into sanguine vampirism, but there is some evidence to it – for one, the human body on its own is not designed for the consumption of raw blood (cannibals notwithstanding).  However, it has been shown that some can consume blood in levels that would be toxic to the normal body, and not only survive, but thrive on it.  while a FEW small scale studies have been done, testing for blood borne pathogens and similar that might account for this, to my knowledge, no in depth study, monitoring the body’s reaction before, during and after a feed has been done.  Could it simply be, as i mentioned before, the power of the human mind?  Perhaps.   Perhaps not.   The need to maintain themselves , however, is perceived, and no other method that they can find matches what the consumption of blood does for them.


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